The Project

A programme to replace 1000 BT phone boxes with multimedia communications units on busy pavements in major cities across the UK.

As part of BT’s nationwide rollout of the InLink project, Clarke recently built a highly sensitive site in a prime location within Manchester City centre requiring involvement from multiple stake holders.

Clarke have forged a good working relationship with Manchester City Centre highways and planning departments which was utilised to agree our programme of works tailored to meet the council’s preferences for working hour restrictions to minimise disruption to the busy city centre location. We needed to determine the specialist natural stone paving materials, and agree suitable alternatives where required, to enable like-for-like permanent reinstatement ensuring the aesthetics of the footway are maintained.

Due to the close proximity to Metrolink’s tram network and overhead power lines Clarke held a site meeting with Metrolink’s Engineering Manager to agree a safe lifting plan to allow the removal of the four BT payphone kiosks and the installation of the new InLink unit, avoiding any costly tram line shutdowns which would delay the deployment.

Clarke worked in partnership with the local power Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to facilitate a jointer-only solution by completing all groundworks and permitting on the DNO’s behalf and agreeing timed jointer appointments to disconnect and later reconnect their power supply, This is outside their usual process however their confidence in Clarke to deliver enabled this exception which greatly reduced the number of working days on site, minimising disruption and reducing costs to the client. All of this and Clarke’s high quality of workmanship ensured that the site was completed ahead of target and as per the programme right first time.

Project Information

Location: Mosely Street, Manchester
Project Duration:  3 years

"Each InLink provides ultrafast, free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, device charging and a tablet for access to city services, maps and directions."

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