The Project

Decommission & Relocation of Perry Barr

Scope of Works

  • Severn Trent were re-developing the building the antennas were positioned on.
  • The equipment room did not form part of the development area and would remain in situ.
  • Our client had a stub mast located on the building which was shared with another operator.
  • The short-term solution was to remove all active equipment from the building on to a temporary structure and re-jig into the existing equipment room.
  • Works had to be completed on or before 6th April, 2018

Site Overview

The antennas were located on a building and the kit was situated in a ground-based, brick-built equipment room which was approximately 60 metres to the South East.

Proposed Solution

  • We created a bespoke design for the temporary tower base using concrete ballast blocks due to its small footprint (4m x 4m)
  • Critical to project success was working closely with the Other Licensed Operator (OLO) to ensure that the project ran to timescales.
  • Deploy a 15m temp mast adjacent to the existing equipment room.
  • Remove the antennas from the current site and re-rig them onto the new temporary structure. Run feeders into the existing equipment room.
  • Space was limited and the only option available for the new structure was an old cabin base. The dimensions were only 4m x 4m.
  • A temporary structure was sourced at short notice that would fit on the base.
  • Due to the space restrictions an ‘ad hoc’ design was required. Clarke Telecom structural engineers produced a solution whereby concrete blocks were added as ballast to ensure the stability of the tower.

Challenges Overcome

Three-week project including Easter weekend site shutdown

Severe Weather
Heavy snowfall and high winds

STW Proceedures
RAMS / POW needed STW approval prior to site start

Site Conditions
The building the antennas were located on was part of an underground reservoir which restricted size / positioning of crane.

“Excellent work all round… A total re-design for a site solution within the timeframes left to meet the Drop Dead Date, giving us at best 6 weeks”

– Client Estates Surveyor

Project Information

Location: Birmingham
Project Duration: 2 months

"The programme was continually adjusted to mitigate delays due to severe weather and Easter holidays to deliver to the client’s tight timelines"

Services Rendered

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