The Project

Clarke Telecom’s multi-disciplinary team acquired the site, secured planning permission, designed and built the new mobile telecoms infrastructure.

Telefonica instructed us to locate a new permanent site portside at Dover Eastern Docks to replace the existing telecoms site.

The site was technically outside the jurisdiction of the Local Planning Authority (LPA). We held several joint discussions with the LPA and the Port of Dover, submitted a planning application and secured approval of the works.

Design & Build

  • Erect a temporary cell site to maintain coverage
  • Secure planning permission for the new site
  • Design and build a new telecoms site taking into account all of the unique and challenging characteristics of UK’s busiest passenger port and roll-on roll-off ferry port in Europe

A Unique Site

  • Being on chalk soil, the site required to be piled, so this required additional design approvals from the site provider
  • Due to the port being heavily bombed in the Second World War, an unexploded ordnance site survey was undertaken before any excavations
  • Also, the materials and paint had to be of a specific high specification due to the corrosive sea environment

Challenges & Solutions

Challenge: Some building works undertaken by the Port of Dover were found to have encroached upon the area designated for the new telecoms site.
Solution: We amended our original design and secure new approvals

High Security Alert
Challenge: The port is currently on a high security alert due to migrants attempting to enter Britain from Calais. Solution: All personnel attending site have to undertake a GSSAT training course and a detailed induction into the port health safety and security rules

Permit to Work System
Challenge: There is a strict permit to work system to gain access to the Dover site for limited periods at a time. Solution: We ensured that all works were carried out within timescales and in strict compliance with the permit system

Project Information

Location: Eastern Docks, Dover
Project Duration: 3 years

"All site works completed within 12 weeks with the Port of Dover congratulating the professionalism and efficiency of our site construction and management"

Services Rendered

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