Temporary Sites and Special Events

We provide a fully managed service for the deployment, recovery, storage and maintenance of temporary sites. Temporary coverage is provided for special events using a fleet of mobile cell sites to ensure that revenue generation is maximised and to support marketing and other prestigious events where quality of service is key. We undertake complete special event planning and management, including neighbouring cell enhancements as well as temporary site deployments.

Since we started this service in 2005, we have deployed and retrieved over 1000 temporary cell sites with a 100% success rate of achieving the planned installation and recovery programme.

Whilst not deployed, our customers’ equipment can be stored in our secure facilities. We also provide regular mechanical and electrical servicing of equipment whether in storage or in situ when deployed for any length of time as part of the fully managed service.

At many events we deploy multiple temporary cell sites to provide sufficient network coverage and capacity. For example, at the Glastonbury festival we will deploy up to 11 temporary units. At the 2012 London Olympic Games, Clarke Telecom designed and constructed 19 multi-operator temporary sites in and around the Olympic Park.