Maintenance & Decommissioning

Since 2002, Clarke Telecom has completed preventative and reactive maintenance on thousands of cell sites across different site portfolios. Typical works include health and safety upgrades, alarm system retrofits, electrical testing, battery and generator back up system installation and maintenance, duct clearance, antenna and feeder replacement, and antenna optimisation. We also provide a rapid response to ad-hoc requests from networks to undertake rectification works where sites are off air, for example, through fire, flood, wind, overheating, or vehicle collision damage.

Clarke Telecom undertakes works to allow cabins that are approaching the end of their original design life expectancy to continue to be used where the original roof has failed and was suffering water ingress. Minor roof damage can be repaired and resealed with properly applied waterproofing paint, however for major damage where the roof structure is unsound and unrepairable we have designed and fabricated a roof over solution that site above the existing roof.

We undertake all types of site deconstruction works from de-rigging antenna on network operators’ own sites or third party towers through to removal of large cabins and grillage off a rooftop.