Civil Construction

Clarke Telecom has a strong asset base: human, physical and financial all geared towards managing projects to ensure delivery of high volume targets and SLAs. Our experience includes building (and decommissioning) towers, erecting and upgrading streetworks poles, installing steelwork on rooftops, installing bespoke stealth solutions, and adding installations to water towers.

With over 15 years of telecoms cell site construction experience and 325 people, Clarke Telecom is one of the largest providers of services in the UK. The business is providing bespoke services on a portfolio of over 7000 cell sites projects across the UK networks.

Our construction teams are trained to undertake a wide range of activities on site that include operating plant and machinery, fencing, concrete bases and earthing on greenfield sites, traffic management and NRSWA qualifications for streetworks sites; as well as specialist rope access for rooftop sites.

Clarke Telecom’s specialised electrical installation teams are highly experienced and are currently approved and working on all major UK mobile operator projects. We offer a “best in class” service that operates across the UK on a daily basis. The electrical team provides services in the mobile sector, delivering 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi electrical enablement works including testing and fault finding to NIC-IEC standards.

Clarke Telecom is one of the leading suppliers of power management services in the UK and has provided this service since 2000. To date Clarke Telecom has provided power management on over 10,000 telecoms cell sites. The power management services include connections, disconnections, diversions/service alterations and upgrades to mobile phone operators and 3rd party network operators. In addition to this we are also authorised to carry out fuse pulls.