Acquisition, Planning and Design

Clarke Telecom provides all aspects of acquisition and planning from identifying suitable locations, negotiating with landlords and seeking planning approval to ensure the best possible site is sourced. We have broad experience of delivering high volumes of sites through the acquisition and planning programme; averaging over 70 sites every month.


Prior to conducting site finding surveys, Clarke Telecom’s Acquisition Surveyors work with our Radio Planners to fully understand coverage requirements and target areas. After carrying out further enquiries and establishing landlord/site provider interest in accommodating the site, a detailed report is produced to show various site options.

Throughout the acquisition process, the Acquisition Surveyors also work closely with the in-house Planning, Design and Construction teams to ensure the best possible success rate for the selected site options. The team conduct all work in accordance with the Ten Commitments and the DCLG Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development. Once a site has been selected, the team will finalise negotiations in the quickest possible time. Where feasible we will secure an early access undertaking to allow site works to commence as soon as possible subject to planning consent.


Clarke Telecom’s Town and Country Planners conduct pre-applications and undertake all planning, prior approval submissions and presentations to Planning Committees. Animated visualisations or photo-realistic montages are produced routinely for town planners when it is important to assess the visual impact of developments. Many clients are sensitive to the impact that building and telecom projects may have on the environment and this helps to illustrate that care is being taken in designing installations for every location.

The Clarke Telecom Planning Department and Design team produce schemes that meet both clients’ operational needs and Local Planning Authority (LPA) preferences for positioning and appearance while maximising the chance of planning approval. We have designed and constructed various different solutions to minimise visual impact, such as silos, screening, trees, flagpoles, and GRP shrouding to blend in to existing building fabric.

To date Clarke Telecom have secured 4,500 planning approvals and legally accessed over 4,300 sites on behalf of mobile phone operators.