Company Background

Clarke Telecom was originally formed in 2000 to deliver quality products and services to the UK cellular network operators. Focusing on the power management niche, in which Clarke Telecom carved its reputation, the company grew substantially for the next few years. Acquisition, Design, Construction, Rigging and Installation, Commissioning and Integration (IC&I) departments were added such that by 2004 Clarke Telecom was able to provide a complete in-house end-to-end service to support network rollout and maintenance projects. In April 2014, Clarke Telecom was acquired by Renew Holdings plc.

The biggest industry success story of the last 20 years has been Clarke Telecom’s expansion built on the back of its successful project delivery and willingness to pull out all the stops to help its customers overcome challenges. The business has consistently topped its customers’ performance tables and extended the quality of service already available. Today the company employs over 350 staff with the head office and warehouse based in Manchester, with an office and stores in the South of England near Redhill in Surrey.

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