Site Share Management

Clarke Telecom provides a fully managed in-house service to Operators and MSOs that encompasses all areas of site share management. The service covers both incoming and outgoing site share applications and includes: Site Acquisition (Landlord negotiations, Legals), T&C Planning, Design (GA & Detail Design), Civil Construction, Rigging, REC Management, Project Management, Programme Management and Administrative support.

Clarke Telecom is recognised throughout the industry as having the best track record in site share management. Some of our achievements include: Complete overhaul of our customers’ internal systems, workflows and processes, halving the time taken to legally access site shares, generating new incoming applications through marketing site portfolios and utilising our nominal coordinate site-matching database.

We have been successful in reducing the rate of aborted applications as a result of our proactive team devising innovative schemes and solutions that win site provider, LPA and Sharer approval. Our designers will utilise the existing compound and tower where possible to avoid expensive redevelopments. This reduces the number of sites aborted because the proposed scheme fails Sharer’s business case cost models.